Lagerkoll. In full control of your inventory.

Lagerkoll is a modern warehouse management system that lets you manage everything from updating articles, orders, stock takes and much more through a secure web- and smartphone based system.

Lagerkoll gives you:

  • Manage articles with price, image and description. Create bundled articles.
  • Check stock level, read bar codes with our smartphone.
  • Adjust buying- and selling prce.
  • Keep track of VAT levels (Swedish VAT)
  • Manage customers and customer orders
  • Order articles directly from your supplier to your customer
  • Manage picking lists and rest orders
  • Manage suppliers and submit supplier orders.
  • Direct shipments from your supplier to your customer
  • Receive deliveries.
  • Check stock levels in your warehouse, together with co-workers or by your self.
  • Documentation for completed stock takes to your accountant, incl result of the stock take.
  • Everything on the web and in your phone, integrated with Fortnox.
  • As an additional option you can choose the customer portal and search functionality that gives your customers access to your warehouse.

In addition Lagerkoll is integrated with Fortnox to further simplify your daily work.

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In full control of your inventory.

Lagerkoll provide visibility on stock levels, and lets you keep the stock at the right level, manage your warehouse from the web and your smart phone.

lagerkoll på alla plattformar

Smart phone and on the web

Manage your warehouse on the web through the Control Tower and using apps for your smartphone.

App for iOS App for Android

inventera samtidigt


Work together in teams. Take stock levels, add new articles. The administrator can easily invite everyone that need access to your Lagerkoll account.

lagerkoll hanterar valutor

Manage currencies

Lagerkoll can manage all currencies currencies so that you can place orders with suppliers all over the world.

lagerkoll håller dig uppdaterad

Up to date

Lagerkoll sends messages to warn and remind you about low stock levels and will show you when the latest sync with Fortnox took place.

hitta i ditt lager

Easy to find

List all articles from a selected supplier, add all articles with low stock level to a purchase order. See what has been ordered and remains to be ordered.

lagerkoll control tower

Lagerkoll. Control Tower.

In you have a full view of your warehouse. You will get stock level warnings, messages about syncronization with Fortnox and can easily manage your warehouse. You can invite additional co-workers that can help you take stock levels or add items to purchase orders among other things.

lagerkoll i synk med fortnox

Fortnox. In sync.

The Fortnox-integration is entirely bi-directional, which means that all fields that is sent from Lagerkoll to Fortnox will also be synced from Fortnox till Lagerkoll. This will happen at each login and once / hour. All data regarding articles and suppliers is kept up to date between Lagerkoll and Fortnox.

hantera inköpsordrar

Manage orders. Efficient supplier orders.

Crate and send supplier orders from Lagerkoll. When you get the shipment you can easily receice the articles by reading bar codes usign the app in your smart phone. Lagerkoll manage suppliers all over the world through the currency functionality. If you use Fortnox, all suppliers that you have added in Fortnox will be available in Lagerkoll. Your supplier can confirm your order so that you easily can monitor the order status. You can also get your order delivered directly to your customer!

lagerkoll hanterar kundordrar

Customer orders. Order, picking list and delivery note.

Create and send customer orders using Lagerkoll. Generate picking lists and keep track of that your customer's orders are packed and potential rest orders. The picking list is sent to and managed from the app in a smart phone. Generate delivery notes that clearly shows what has been delivered. With a web shop integration or order management in Fortnox, all orders will be synced with Lagerkoll. In case of rest orders, it is easy to place a purchase order for missing items.

lagerkoll hanterar sammansatta artiklar

Bundled articles. Down to the last detail.

If your products consist of several items you can easily create bundled articles in Lagerkoll. You can submit purchase orders for a bundled article, and thereby create several purchase order to different suppliers. You can see how many bundled articles you can create and how many articles that has already been created.

etiketter till dina artiklar

Stickers. Mark up your articled.

Print bar code and QR code stickers with EAN or other information about your articles. This further simplifies your stock takes or when you would like to see more details about your articles.